Chia Seeds are an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia Hispanica, grown in Mexico dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures.

Years ago, Chia seeds were used in novelty items  to grow as hair (called Chia Pets), but now they are touted as being an excellent source of Fibre, Calcuim, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, carbs and protien. The antioxidant effect found with the seeds are even better than Blueberries!

Nutrition-wise, 28 grams of Chia Seeds contain around:

137 calories 10.6 grams fibre
0.6 mg manganese 4.4 grams protein
265 mg phosphorus 12.3 grams carbs
177 mg calcium 8.6 grams fat
1 mg zinc Vitamins A, B, E and D
0.1 mg copper Iron, Magnesium, Manganese
44.8 mg potassium plus much more!

A great use for Chia Seeds is Chia pudding. When the seeds are soaked in water or milk, they develop a gelling quality which holds liquid making a creamy textured pudding.

I myself never measure anything, I just throw stuff in and hope for the best, so here’s what my average breakfast involves:

Before I add the milk. I have a ‘load’ of Chia Seeds, and a load of my special mixture of fruit and seeds. Raisins, Sultanas, Goji Berries, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pumpin seeds, plus a few other odds and ends.

I sweeten slightly with Maple Syrup (epic as!), and add Hemp Milk (Hemp milk is a creamier

Doesn’t get you stoned, but great for baking

alternative to Soya Milk. I dont like Moo Milk, it’s full of crap), and give it a mix, and leave it for a couple of minutes, then give it another bloody good mix. It will have started going clumpy.

Once done, shove it in the fridge and leave it overnight. People have more of a refined method of preparing this pudding, but the way I see it, i’m going to eat it, and then whatever my body does not absorb, it’s going to be exiting again after around 24 hours, so I don’t really mind what it looks like!

Ok, granted, it’s not the prettiest, but it’s tasty and full of good stuff.

In the morning, it will be cold and refreshing, and will help your body fire on all cylinders for a good chunk of the day.

Yes, initially it looks a bit like frogspawn, and if that does put you off, either stick a load of Cocoa powder in, and mix it in well, or grind the seeds down. The soluble fibre is responsible for the gelling ability, and it’s certainly not going anywhere.


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