I’m working on a ‘Floating Trump Blimp’ javascript thing for WordPress using jqFloat and jQuery. Although I have never written anything for wordpress at all in my life apart from borderline crap content, but here it is in its infinite glory:

It’s a simple affair- Include jqFloat.js (found at http://www.inwebson.com/jquery/jqfloat-js-a-floating-effect-with-jquery/) after your jQuery include, and add an image to the page. I gave mine a class of jqFloater and then added the simple:

<script> jQuery('.jqFloater').jqFloat('play');</script>

Job done.

Ok, granted my code has a 5 second delay, but that’s because my theme has lazy loaded images, which I really can’t be fussed to sort out 🙂

Pic: Trump Baby UK

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