For the last few weeks I have been using my Oculus Rift (by every way better than the PlayStation 4 VR I might add) every morning and sometimes in the evenings too to help exercise and lose weight. I am not exactly the most social of people, and as such, it’s nice to stay at home and be able to look like an idiot and sweat profusely.

Initially I started off with the amazing BoxVR- it’s a great little boxing game where you hit markers, however, I found recently that there are a few annoying glitches (the game stutters on occasions when I hit a target, and as such I miss), and when I train with my own music, I get far too many squats – something my knees really cant take. Give me something where I can wave my arms around a lot, and in a controlled fashion, then we’re onto a winner.

The top most video is Beat Saber, where you have to chop blocks with two big-ass ninja swords (the technical name for them). It’s great fun, but more importantly, it’s helping me burn over 650 additional calories a day. For some this may seem like nothing, but from going from moderately sedentary to active, this is a big achievement.

With the combination of BoxVR and Beat Saber, and a few weeks of severe muscle pain from muscles I never knew existed, it has helped me start to lose weight, and improve my health. Apple Health is now starting to be a bit more positive towards me, and we are all happy.

I have noticed that I am starting to get used to a core set of songs on Beat Saber, and I don’t really focus too much on the game. I need to start looking at different songs with thanks to the ModManager, and expand my horizons with weird
squeaky voiced Japanese girl music.

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