ResolvR is my spyware, adware and advert free DNS resolver service – Adblockers in web browsers work well enough, but web designers are catching on more and more on people who run adblockers and prevent the sites from being visited if an adblocker is installed.

However, with the use of my DNS service, Javascript files are replaced with blank files, and images are replaced with single pixel images – for all the monitoring code knows, the adverts are there!

What about other free services?

Other free services monitor the requests that are made from your IP address and sell that information on. I, on the other hand, hate this kind of practice, so I do not, and will not record any DNS queries that are made through the resolvers.

What’s the catch?

This service is in early beta, and for now will require a cron to be called every once in a while from a machine behind the user’s IP address to white-list it on my firewall. It’s clunky because some German authority deem it okay to send harassing emails about running a recursive DNS resolver publicly.

How Does it Work?

In short, my BIND servers have authoritative records for around 600,000 domain names, all of which resolve to my servers, which are set up to return back the blank data depending on the file format they are expecting.

Need more information or willing to test?

Contact me. Admin-wise, it’s all a bit cludgy and manual at the moment. Hell, I havent even got a simple website sorted yet! 😀